2015 Eye on the Market

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Happy Holidays to all of you!

As another year approaches, so does a new market.

According to the latest numbers released by NWMLS, market activity in Seattle and the Eastside continued to see buyers remain engaged in the process well into the holiday season. Buyers are choosing to face the lower temperatures on hopes of getting their holiday wish of a new home in this new year. While some sellers are waiting until the Spring to put their homes for sale, smart sellers realize buyers are willing to brave the cold may be more serious customers, ready to make a deal.

Foreign investors continue to use the Pacific NW as a place to park their money, judging our region to be a safe investment while economies in other countries are experiencing trouble.

The end of the U.S> recession has lead to job growth in our region which continues to be a major factor pushing the market. Jobs bring new opportunities for Millennials, riding the wave of our region’s improving economy. As they find steady employment, many may decide to move from their current living situation with parents or roommates, start families, and eventually for some, purchase a home. Combined with interest rates holding steady around 4 percent, this places additional pressure on the market as homes remain (or come into) in the range of affordability for more home buyers.

Here we go!!!

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