4 Staging Mistakes Sellers Think Are Awesome

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One of the biggest challenges when selling is staging. What you may think looks amazing, may not appeal to your buyers. It’s tough to let go of your style, to make your house not “your home” so to speak.

The main challenge is this: staging is an investment. Some sellers may not be able to afford it. However, studies have shown that staged homes, sell faster then their non-staged counterparts. Because of this, many sellers try the DIY method. But DIYs are 50/50 depending on your skill and resources.

Here are some common cases where the seller thinks their staging is awesome, but the buyers beg to differ.


1. The Seller uses beat up or ugly furniture and decor

Great staging uses furniture that best shows off the home. Sometimes it can be done using existing pieces from the seller, other times furniture must be rented or bought. Just because you found a great deal on Craigslist, doesn’t mean it makes your house look great. That bargain may actually give the nice house a run down feeling to buyers.

2. They create distracting themes and scenes

The goal is for buyers to visualize their futures in the home. Stagers will create vignettes in the home to show off certain areas. Like a bistro table on the patio, or a crib in a small room perfect for a nursery, or even recliners and popcorn in a theater room. Sometimes when a seller tries to do this themselves the scenes can go rogue and create bizarre scenarios that distract buyers.

3. The house is neither clean nor clutter-free

It’s hard to keep your house clean when you are trying to sell, but beware, even the littlest mess may deter buyers. Keep mail off counters, put the laundry away, clean the dishes, stash the toys, etc. It doesn’t take a truly filthy home to turn a buyer away.

4. The seller lacked a neutral, expert eye

Home decorating and house staging are completely different. When you decorate your house, you make it a home. You customize, you hang family pictures, and you have your own style. When a house is staged the goal is to neutralize. You want it to appeal to the most buyers. Decorating is personalizing – Staging is depersonalizing.

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