Best Buy Cities — Where to Invest in Housing in 2014

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According to a newly released Forbes list of the top 20 cities where your real estate money is a “safe bet”, Seattle ranks #16. “The key is to buy where the prices are still low, in cities with a lot of growth  potential,” say the Forbes’ folks.

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1.  Fort Worth, TX

2.  Dallas, TX

3.  Charlotte, NC

4.  Nashville, TN

5.  Houston, TX

6.  Atlanta, GA

7.  Oklahoma City, OK

8.  Orlando, FL

9.  Las Vegas, NV

10.  Boise, ID

11.  Grand Rapids, MI

12.  Tampa, FL

13.  Fort Lauderdale, FL

14.  Salt Lake City, UT

15.  Boston, MA

16.  Seattle, WA

17.  Minneapolis, MN

18.  Virginia Beach, VA

19.  Phoenix, AZ

20.  Louisville, KY


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