Using Color Psychology To Create A Happier Space

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Originally posted by Katie Holdefehr on If you’re often stressed in your living room or are having trouble falling asleep in your bedroom—good news, it may not be you. It may just be time to rethink the color painted on the walls. We’ve discussed before how color can affect our emotional state, and while there are no set rules …

Open House Sign in Front Yard

What You Can Learn From An Open House

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You can learn a lot by simply attending an open house! Especially in the beginning stages of home buying, you can get a feel for your likes/dislikes, understand your local market better, and really get a good practice run before you make that big decision. Below are some tips I found on Houzz that provide a good take-away from open …


7 Resolutions For Your Home

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Originally posted by Lisa Gordon via OK, we’ll be your mom for a moment: When you own a home, it’s high time you form good habits to properly maintain your property. After all, it’s your biggest investment, and in the same way you brush your teeth twice a day (or at least we hope you do, and floss too!), you should do what …


Housing Prices Expected to Rise in 2017

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How will U.S. home prices fare in 2017? Originally posted on Nothing can chill the real estate sector in the U.S. like rising interest rates. So is the Federal Reserve’s expected move to boost borrowing costs likely to dent the housing market? Don’t bet on it. Experts predict that housing prices will continue to rise in many markets around …


New Design Trends for 2017

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Originally posted on White with off-white, contrasting islands, and splurging on entryways are just some of the major design trends you may see in the coming year. This list from Houzz has many more ideas ready to go big! What’s big on your design list for 2017? 28 Design Ideas Coming to Homes Near You in 2017


The Weekly Economic & Real Estate Forecast – 07/25/16 to 07/29/16

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By Matthew Gardner via The Windermere Economist What I Saw Last Week In a release that surprised all economists including myself, the National Association of Homebuilders Housing Market Index for July soured a little and dropped to 59 from 60.  I had anticipated it to rise to 61. All three components of the index —current sales, future sales expectations, and …



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Welcome to my blog! This blog will keep you up to date with current real estate data, luxury home design, and lifestyle trends! Follow along as I share my experiences and ideas! -CK&Associates Posted on June 28, 2016 at 2:55 pm Cindy Kelly | Posted in Real Estate | Tagged lifestyle, luxury, real estate


5 Ways to Increase The Value of Your Home

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Hey all! I found this article really helpful to give you ideas on how to increase the value of your home! Need anymore tips? Feel free to contact me! Originally posted by Peter Kim on The phrase “your home is an investment” is thrown around too often, without the clarification of what that actually means. For years, the promise of homeownership has …