Forgotten Children’s Fund

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Yesterday we went and volunteered at the Forgotten Children’s Fund. The organization screens families that are in need during the holiday Season and then asks for volunteers to come help wrap gifts. We got a family of 7 that had 5 kids at home. Each child got a stocking with toothpaste, toothbrush, candy, socks, and 3 little toys in them. Then each child got a book, 3 big toys, a hat/scarf/mittens and a new winter coat. All from Santa. How awesome is that!!!!

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The best part is that we got to pick the gifts out ourselves! They had tables laid out with age ranges. So organized! Then we got to go to our own wrapping station and wrap them all up. Then on Christmas Eve and Christmas day Santa and some helper elves go out and bring the gifts to the families. I’ve heard from other people that it is so special seeing those kids light up when they see Santa and see that he hasn’t forgotten them. Ahhhh! I’m crying.

If you have time to wrap gifts they are in need of many more volunteers. It only took us about and hour and a half for the family of 7. And it was oh so much fun. Click on this link for more information.

Merry Christmas

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