Home Protection Plans: More Value, More Security

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It happens more than you’d think. A deal is in the process of being finalized when something goes wrong in the home, Maybe it’s a problem with the plumbing or electrical system, or maybe it’s a dreaded furnace replacement. An unfortunate issue like this could bring tension and further negotiation to the deal at hand, and in a worst-case scenario, potentially sink it. But if the transaction is piggybacked with a home protection plan from American Home Shield (AHS), everyone involved can worry less.

For this very reason, Cindy Kelly, a broker for John L. Scott Real Estate in Bellevue, WA., has been using American Home Shield for 11 years. For buyers, seeing a home protection package attached to a home purchase provides extra safety and comfort should something go wrong during the first year in their new home. Sellers can also rest easy, knowing that if something breaks down or needs servicing before the transaction has closed, it may be covered for them. HAving this liability off their shoulders can be an immense relief, especially if the sellers are already moved into their new residence.

For Kelly, the benefit of using AHS is two-fold.

“For my seller’s it helps me secure the listing and gives them a little reassurance that there’s an extra layer of protection when it comes to the inspection. For buyers, it’s added value and security. They know it’s not carte blanche coverage, but it’s an extra layer of protection for them as well; it reassures them and gives them a little more confidence. They love it,” she says.

American Home Shield’s dedication to protection is bolstered by top-notch service. Kelly speaks volumes of her AHS representatives.

“When I talk to American Home Shield, they’re very helpful in trying to provide a resolution for any issue that may come up. They are very service-oriented toward me, and therefore, my clients.”

“My area rep, Ron Ballman, is instrumental. He’s really taken care of me; he goes above and beyond,” says Kelly.

Even in cases where Kelly isn’t representing the seller, she still requests an American Home Shield policy, citing one transaction where the selling agent’s warranty company refused to cover a furnace replacement for the sale.

“My lesson, even if I’m in a transaction with another agent, is to make sure that and AHS is the home warranty company. I’ve had the most success with them, and I’ll always provide an AHS home protection plan with all of my listings,” says Kelly.

For more information, visit www.ahs.com/realestate 

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