How long does leftover paint last?

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depositphotos_1336887-Paint-Can When it comes time to sell your house you may notice some spots on the wall that need touch up. So you go out to the garage to pull the leftover paint can that’s been sitting in the garage for 10 years. But WAIT! Paint that old usually becomes discolored. In fact, that leftover paint only lasts a little more than 2 years, and that’s IF you store it properly.

When you do decide to store your paint make sure it’s air tight. It’s the air that messes with your mixture. Try placing a layer of plastic wrap on the can, then place the lid on top of that. Then hammer the lid back on.

If you do decide to touch up, take your old can back to the hardware or paint store and have them make you a new smaller batch.

Then when you do decide to toss the old cans, make sure you are disposing of them properly. Check out the King County website for instructions and tips.

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