Keeping Your Home Safe: An Interview with a King County Sergeant

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I interviewed my dad, a  local King County Police Sergeant, to gain knowledge on how to fight crime around our houses. Here are tips and tricks out there to keep your home  and investments safe.

Caity: So we all know that security systems and lights will deter burglars, but what other tips can you offer us to keep our homes safe?

KCS: “Make your home look like someone is always home. Turn on a  radio and have a light on. Don’t let newspapers pile up or have packages  sit on your door step and get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors can help keep an eye put on your house. I would also lock up expensive mowers and generators.”

Caity: What is the most common time for the burglaries to happen and what do they look for?

KCS: “Most burglaries occur when people are at work between 9:00 and 4:00. The burglars will knock on the door first to see if someone is home. If you are home they will quickly come up with a story as to why they knocked. Get a good description of them and their car and call the cops immediately. If you aren’t home they will usually go around back and look for an easy way in. The first room they hit is….. drum roll….. the master bedroom. They look for electronics, drug medications, and jewelry. They normally take small stuff, unless they have a car. Then they may load up larger items.”


Did you know you could fix up your landscape to help keep burglars away as well?


  • Put gravel around windows and doors so it will make a louder noise when they walk on it
  • Plant low, thorny, bushes below windows such as roses or even yuccas (which are low maintenance)
  • Trim bushes and shrubs to 3 feet or shorter. We all think we want tall trees and bushes to hide our home, but this actually gives the burglars places to hide so neighbors don’t see anything suspicious.
  • Light up dark areas with motion detector lights. Also keep lights on while you are away on vacations to give the appearance that someone is home.



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