The News From Cindy! An Interesting Start to 2017…

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Dear Friend
Happy 2017!

Oh my what a way I brought the New Year in!  Ok, since I love all of you so much, I’ll fill you in a bit….But first, know I’m fine and will be fine.  We, Marlowe and I went on our annual vacation just after a wonderful Christmas to Mexico for a week of sunshine. Everything was going great until I took a misstep in the dark after a lovely dinner on the 2nd of January and took a plunge.  I hurt my hip and had to get back home ASAP so that our wonderful doctor’s here in Seattle could fix 
me right up.  So I’m on the mend and I’ve got all of my oofda’s out of the way for the entire year! Yes, I am a dork, and a bit clumsy on occasion, but I do hope you will forgive me my clumsiness!

We are back hard at work and my team has really stepped up to the plate to cover and help me out.  I so love my team, BeiBei hard at work behind the computer, Patty my sales team member, Wendy my transaction coordinator, Lynda
Buchanan my showing assistant, Jillian Garness all things Social Media, Mary Elstad my personal assistant that has been helping me stage a new listing and helping out at home, and last but not least we are so pleased to announce a new addition to the team, our new Operations Manager Taylor Woznig.  Taylor comes to us with over 20 years of Real Estate Admin experience and is really going to put us all shipshape so we can be of BETTER service to you to the wonderful referrals you send our way. 

2016 was a banner year for CK and Associates, we closed 57 sales with over 36 million Gross Closed Sales. I couldn’t have done it without you and my team and we thank YOU!

This year in Real Estate is going to be ‘Hot’.  We wrote an offer yesterday and there were over 15 other buyers competing for the same property in Kirkland.  Yes, same old story, supply is low and buyers are coming in droves to Seattle or just needing to ‘move up’ or move down’. 2017 is shaping up already to be even hotter if our inventory doesn’t come up.

Please keep us in mind should you know of anyone needing Real Estate Assistance. We are strong, available and ready to go. We do have a property coming on the market in Kirkland’s Rose Hill Area priced in the Mid $700’s tomorrow.  It’s a great property on a 15k sq ft lot.  If you know of someone interested let us know!

Don’t miss this month’s online magazine, Eastside Maison – chock full of all kinds of goodness!

All my best, Cindy and Team

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