The Perfect Storm…

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Hi all!

I hope this finds you doing great and enjoying all the muck and yuck…..just kidding! Spring is just around the corner, (we all hope)! My broken bones are on the mend as well and for that, I’m eternally thankful! Puppies, Marlowe and kids are all doing great so for that we are thrilled!

I am trying to get the news out through with what is happening in our Real Estate Market. Sellers today stand to benefit from a perfect storm of market conditions that are delivering the greatest possible return on investment.
Record-Low Inventory: Fewer than 1,600 single-family homes were on the market in King County last month, an all-time low.
Record High Prices: Prices are at historic highs, and are rising faster than anywhere else in the country.

So, why not just wait and see if prices go even higher?

Just like with the stock market, it’s impossible to time the housing market. However, experts have predicted price increases to slow this year, and prices here are already showing signs of moderating.

In addition, interest rates are expected to go up this year. A majority of the members of the Federal Reserve’s rate-setting board predict there will be three more increases coming in 2017. These increases will cause mortgage rates to rise, which means buyers will only qualify for less expensive homes. This reduced purchasing power starts slowing buyer demand. It’s the perfect time to list a home. Who do you know that may be thinking of selling?

I can prepare a valuation of your/their home based on current market conditions, walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have.

Call me anytime, I’m just around the corner or on the phone! xoxoxox CK

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