The time where GIANT house spiders roam around Seattle homes

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Brown Recluse

I’m sorry I had to post this picture…

Have you noticed more and more spiders in your house? I sure have! It’s the time of year where spiders make their way inside our warm houses. And one of the most common spiders to be seen are the Giant House Spider. These gnarly looking arachnids made their way from Europe around the 1900’s. The Woodland Park Zoo states that they make their way around 1.73 feet per second which makes them the fastest spider in the world…. Awesome. (That was sarcastic)

At the end of Summer the males are searching for females, so we tend to see a TON of them.

I used to live in a basement apartment where there were spiders on an hourly basis. I had to be brave, and got over my fear of spiders. But I know there are many people out there that would rather burn their house down then kill it themselves. But wait!!!! Before you burn down your investment, here are some tips to getting rid of them, or just let Cindy sell your house for you 🙂

Tips for getting rid of spiders:

1. Seal up your home. Any tiny holes in windows, doors, screens, and outlets are all easy ways for them to make their way inside.

2. Keep your lights off. Soooo this one is a gray area…. If your lights are on outside, they attract flying bugs. Flying bugs attract spiders. Lights off attract burglars…. So I guess it’s up to you: Burglars or Spiders.

3. Remove vegetation away from your house. Transplant plants that are too close to your house. Plants are used as great hiding places for spiders.

4. Keep a tidy house. Regularly sweep and vacuum, pick up food that is lying around, and pick up clutter. Spiders like hiding places so keep it clean!

5. Place glue traps in your home.

6. Spray the outside perimeter of your home with pesticide.Some of these can last around a month and will need to be re-sprayed.

7. Spray peppermint oil inside. A natural method is to spray peppermint oil in your home. Fill a spray bottle with water and drop in 15-20 drops of the oil.


Best of luck Seattle Friends! If the spiders get to be too much for you, and you’re ready to move, give us a call!


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