Why you should get your house appraised

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Publication1I keep saying this over and over again. We keep hearing it over and over again. But here I go AGAIN.

It’s a seller’s market out there.

I have two cousins that decided to get their homes appraised. The Smith’s bought their house 2 years ago for $214,000 and got it appraised at $350,000. They ended up selling a week later for $375,000. Her sister, the Allen’s, bought their house two years ago for $414,000. They thought, “Hey! Why not get ours appraised too?!” Theirs came back at $550,000!

So now both are selling and trading up for bigger houses because NOW is the time.

Think it’s time for you or someone you know to trade up? Get your house appraised. You may be pleasantly surprised as to how much it’s worth right now.

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