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As the sun starts setting a little later every day - but the temps remain cool, a lot of us are wondering what we can be doing now . February is actually the perfect time to start getting your house and garden ready for the upcoming spring and summer months. It's a great time to dream up your new garden beds and projects, and get a head start on preparing your home inside and out for spring planting, summer bbqs, and more. Here are the top ten tasks that you should consider doing this month:


  1. Prune your trees and shrubs- This is the perfect time to shape and control the growth of your plants, making them healthier and more productive. Consult with an arborist for any trees that might need special care, and/or research tips online to make sure you're trimming the right tree in the right way - and at the right time!

  2. Start seedlings indoors- If you want to grow your own vegetables or flowers, February is a great time to start seedlings indoors. This will give them a head start on the growing season. Take care to check the humidity your seeds need, as well as whether they need help from a heat mat.

  3. Organize your tools- Take inventory of your gardening tools and make sure they are in good condition. Clean and sharpen any that need it, and replace any that are worn out. Maybe browse Pinterest to get clever ideas on new ways to organize your She/He Shed.

  4. Check for pests- Look for signs of pests or diseases in your garden and take steps to control them before they become a problem. Consider protecting your fruit trees with dormant pest control options.

  5. Plan your garden- The fun part! Take some time to plan out your garden for the coming season. Consider what types of plants will do well in your area and make sure you have enough space for everything. There's wonderful tools out there to help you visualize your new beds - our favorite is Garden Puzzle.

  6. Maintain your lawn- If the weather allows, start to rake up leaves and debris from your lawn. Also, consider applying a pre-emergent weed control to your lawn to prevent the growth of weeds. Worried about dormant bugs? Sweep those leaves off the growing grass into your beds for extra mulch.

  7. Prepare your outdoor living space- Inspect and make repairs to outdoor furniture, decks, and patios. Clean and organize outdoor storage space, and be ready for the first outdoor gatherings of the year.

    seedlings, seed starting tray, spade, pruner, garden glove.


  1. Deep clean your windows - February is a great time to wash your windows and let the fresh light in! Don't forget to spray off the screens and touch up your skylights too. Just be sure to take extra care or bring in a pro if you're attempting second (or third!) story windows. 

  2. Organize your closets - Spring cleaning is around the corner and it's a great time to declutter and reorganize your closets. If you need help to get started (or want to outsource) I know some great closet designers and home organization experts.

  3. Check your appliances - Make sure your appliances are in good working order and schedule any necessary repairs or maintenance. Need referrals to HVAC, appliance, or other vendors? Let me know! I'm happy to send you the people I trust.

By completing these tasks in February, you'll be well on your way to having a beautiful and productive garden and a comfortable and organized home in the spring and summer. Take some time to enjoy the process and make it fun!




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