When It's Time to Move On

Stephanie Haywood


While it's been said you can't run from your problems, you can put them behind you, and often a move to a new location provides a fresh slate and an opportunity to start over again, particularly after a low point in life. Whether you’re ready for a career shift, your relationship status changed, or something else, a move takes some planning to be successful, and Cindy Kelly & Associates in Seattle can help you find the perfect new home. 


If you've had relationship, personal, or financial troubles and need a fresh slate, VeryWell Mind says sometimes starting over in a different location can give you a new outlook and a healthy perspective. Maybe you want to change your look, pursue a new occupation, or go back to school. Think about where you can plant yourself for best results. Perhaps you want to be near friends or family, or alternatively, get away from friends and family. Is there a place you've always dreamed of living? Narrow your focus and consider things like climate, cost of living, and employment opportunities.  


In addition to readying your house for sale, moving after a tough time can be emotional. You may find you want to take all of your material possessions with you. Or you may want to sell or donate big items and take only personal things with you. Whatever the plan, having professional movers can be a huge help. Depending on your needs, you can hire out everything from “transport only” to packing, transportation, and unpacking. Research movers online by searching “movers in my area” and ask for written estimates. A reputable mover will make a home inspection before giving you a price.  


Unless you're retired, independently wealthy, or self-employed, you'll want to have employment lined up in your new location as soon as possible. According to Glassdoor, if you can find an opportunity prior to your move, that's ideal. Your new employer may even help pay for your move and put you up in corporate housing. If that's not an option, consider working for a temp agency as a way to get money flowing in. If you have savings you can fall back on while you're making your relocation, that can give you more options during the early days.  


Even with advanced research, it can be difficult to get a feel for different neighborhoods in a new city. Rather than rent an apartment or buy a house right away, consider temporary housing like a vacation rental or long-term stay hotel for a month or so. Reach out to a trusted realtor to get an experienced perspective on what neighborhood works for you. They can give you ideas before you move, and show you around once you’ve settled in. This allows you to explore your new surroundings and make an informed permanent housing choice once you decide where you'll work or go to school. If you're relocating with school-aged kids, you'll also want to take into consideration their educational needs and scope out and visit various schools online and in person.


There are a number of ways to get acclimated to your new community. You may join a house of worship or newcomer Meetup group, take a community center class, or volunteer at a local charitable organization. Many cities have welcoming clubs and activities for people new to the area that usually include social functions and outings. Also, make an effort to meet your neighbors and get to know your colleagues. It can take a little while to start feeling comfortable in your new town, but taking the time to reach out via social media and in-person can get you settled in short order. 

Sometimes making a physical move after a rough patch gives you a clean slate, a fresh start, and a new perspective. Plan out the steps you can to help ensure it's a positive rather than stressful move. If you're still recovering from a traumatic point in life, seek out a therapist in your new city to help ensure you're making a healthy transition with full mental and emotional support. 

Guest Author: Stephanie Haywood of mylifeboost.com

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