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Your Secret Weapon for Home Maintenance

Kyra West


Putting Off House Care? Use My Secret Weapons

It take a lot of time to properly maintain your home. Not to mention all the dirty jobs, high ladders, and our lovely rainy almost-Spring weather making it so much less enjoyable.

I know some of you enjoy DIY ... but maybe you're like me and want to hand it off to a professional?
Whether it's a small project you don't have time for or a big mess you need a license to tackle, I've got a list of secret weapons, ie, trusted vendors my clients and I have worked with over the years.

Click  below to see them all!

My most referred go-to vendors are one-stop-shops for annual exterior home care (plus Christmas lights!):

CK's PSA: Save Yourself Time, Stress, and Money - Don't put off regular maintenance.

A blocked gutter can lead to thousands of dollars in replaced siding, new paint, and even foundation problems. Not cleaning your carpets or HVAC can lead to mold and allergy issues, including asthma.

Psst... there's even helpers on my list for putting together furniture and organizing your pantry or garage!

Need a vendor not on my website or in another area? I'm happy to dig into my network. 

Happy to Help, 

CK and Co.


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