Bathroom Renovations That Will Pay Off in 2022

Guest Author: Lindsay Denton


A bathroom is arguably the most important room in a house. Starting and finishing your day without one would be headache-inducing, to say the least. Because of this, it's easy to understand why most buyers prefer homes with already aesthetically and functionally pleasing bathrooms. Thus, if you see yourself selling your humble abode next year, you might want to work on a few more things other than the curb appeal. Even if you don't - it's always comforting to know that you have made your property more valuable than it was before. Still, this doesn't mean you should install a golden bathtub and buy a crystal chandelier. If you want a good return on investment, you first need to invest smartly. Here is a list of bathroom renovations that will pay off in 2022.

Lay the foundation with some timeless tiles

Tiles are a tone-setting element of every bathroom. A blank canvas, if you will. Depending on the style and design you choose, they can even be the focal point that will wow your future buyers. And on the more practical side of things - bathroom tiles take a lot of beating! Constant moisture is bound to leave its marks on the floor and walls. 

Because of this, if you want to avoid those low offers when the time comes, think about retiling your bathroom first. Although choosing colors, patterns, and shapes is the fun part, it's crucial to remember a few things.

  • When it comes to bathroom tiles, light colors are better than dark. Nobody wants to be scrubbing their washroom every day.
  • There are many bold and exciting patterns on the market, but if you plan on selling soon, it is best to stick to more timeless alternatives.
  • Try not to make things too dull. While there is nothing wrong with an all-white bathroom, it is easy to go from classy to boring.

Invest in a water-saving toilet

Many homebuyers are willing to pay good money for a more sustainable and efficient house. Because of this, upgrading your toilet to a water-saving one is on this list of bathroom renovations that will pay off in 2022. This is an excellent investment even if you are renovating simply to please yourself since your water bill will become a lot less scary once the work is done. You would be surprised by just how much water conventional toilets waste and equally proud of your less-wasteful self if you decide to upgrade to a more efficient version.

Maximize your bathroom’s appeal with a spa-like shower

The shower vs. bathtub debate will probably never be resolved. However, when it comes to homebuyers, it is clear that showers are winning. They are more practical to hop into, take up less space and are easier to clean. Therefore, if you have a tub, you might want to consider replacing it, and if you don't, it's still a good idea to update your existing shower. After all, nothing gives off spa vibes much like a rain shower head, glass screen, and luxurious tiles.

Everyone want a spa-like experience at the end of a long day.

If you are worried about the inconvenience that this type of bathroom renovation will cause, know that working in an empty room is always easier (and quicker). If you don't have space for your bathroom inventory in your home, consider renting self-storage for the duration of the remodel. Finding such a facility in Bellevue is a piece of cake, so there is really no reason not to turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis your future buyers (or you) deserve.

Splurge on the lighting

Nobody likes doing their make-up or shaving in a dark bathroom. On the other hand, indulging in relaxing evening rituals under doctor's-office-type lighting isn't ideal either. Because of this, it is essential to put a lot of thought into your bathroom's illumination.

Ideally, depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, you want several sources of light. This will help you or the future owners set the mood for whatever needs to be done, be it cleaning or pondering in the shower. Make sure to opt for energy-efficient bulbs and aesthetically pleasing fixtures, as this can only add to the appeal and luxurious feel of your bathroom. If you are looking for the best value for money when it comes to remodeling, you certainly won't regret investing in lighting.

Make mornings less stressful with a double vanity

Unless you live alone, you've probably experienced the nuisance called waiting for your partner or kids to get ready before you get your turn in front of the bathroom mirror. Luckily, this can become a thing of the past with one simple trick - double vanities! Investing in this is even more worth it since double vanities are not that uncommon, and many buyers will move on to other properties if your bathroom only has one.

Want to minimize morning arguments? Install a double vanity.

And while we're still on the topic, this is the ideal time to update your vanity tops and sinks. An elegant countertop will easily grab the good kind of attention, while a sleek sink is something you can never go wrong with.

Make the plumbing fixtures part of the décor

You've come this far, and you can't help but notice - something is missing. Well, you're right. Your bathroom renovation can't go without new plumbing fixtures. After all, details are what really transform the interior, no matter which room we are talking about.

There is an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to the shapes, colors, and finishes of plumbing fixtures, so make sure to pick in accordance with the rest of your bathroom. You could even make your faucet a part of the decor! Still, try not to exclude maintenance from the picture, as those elegant black fixtures won't be as attractive if you need to clean them daily to remove the watermarks.

Who could resist luxurious bathroom fixtures?

Don’t skimp on the storage space

Have you ever heard someone say 'I have too much storage'? Probably not. This list of bathroom renovations that will pay off in 2022 would be incomplete without adding more storage space. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you can go vertical, utilize awkward spaces, include open shelving, etc. Whatever you opt for, your future buyers will surely see it as a bonus.



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